Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When I came to the United States as an ESL student, I chose to apply myself academically in order to meet my personal goals in life. I realized that to make my dreams of being both a doctor and a public servant in America come true, I would need to work extra hard to learn English as well as all other required high school subjects. Despite the great language challenges that I faced, I was able to excel at school. I graduated from Fairfax County's J.E.B. Stuart High with honors and a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

I have appreciated from an early age the opportunities that hard work combined with a quality education can provide to anyone living in America. I pursued my education with a double major in Biology and Government at Georgetown University, making the Dean's List each year. I then completed my schooling at The Georgetown School of Medicine. With the support of my nearby parents and siblings, I was proud to become the first doctor ever in the Omeish family.
I am now raising the next Omeish generation as students of the same Fairfax County public school system that I attended. As the beneficiary of a system nurturing academic excellence, I would like my children to have the same quality education I was fortunate enough to have available growing up. I will work hard to preserve the same high standard of education I benefited from as a Fairfax County student for my own children as well as for all of the students of Virginia.

With your help, I would like to represent Virginia's citizens on education issues as Virginia's 35th District Delegate. I will work to have Virginia's General Assembly consider policies that will encourage even greater opportunities for our next generation of students. I know that the brightest future possible for Virginians will only be through a Virginia education system that provides our youth with a solid foundation critical for it's success.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today, as Virginians and residents of the 35th District celebrate Earth Day, it’s a great opportunity to take this time and reflect where we are and where we are going in terms of responsible, renewable green energy that both protects our environment and provides jobs for the Commonwealth. As we look to the future of our families, community and Commonwealth, we can all agree that strengthening Virginia’s economy, protecting our precious natural resources and building an exciting, renewable energy future will be the key to ensuring a healthier community in which to live and work.  

The future of our environment is an issue which transcends politics. However, as delegate it would be my responsibility to fight for policies which protect our environment, strengthen our economy and compliments the efforts people make on a daily basis to make Virginia a better place. According to a recent poll, 76% of Virginians think that global warming is real and will adversely affect our environment. Capitalizing on alternative energy sources and investing in smart, green technology that taps into local talents and resources will help ensure Virginia becomes and remains a leader in the stewardship for a better community for us all.

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Vienna Physician Kicks Off Campaign

Vienna Physician Kicks Off Campaign
Dr. Esam Omeish pledges support for health care, transportation and education.

By Donna Manz, The Connection
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dr. Esam Omeish is running in the 35th District Democratic primary on June 9, and on Saturday, he kicked off his campaign in a room crowded with cheering supporters. A practicing physician and Chief of General Surgery at Inova Alexandria Hospital, Omeish promises to advocate for affordable quality health care in the General Assembly in Richmond.

"I love Virginia and I’ve been involved in community activities since I came here. My candidacy is a continuation of a lifelong passion for public and community service.

"As a physician and health care provider, I think this year health care is going to be one of the major issues we bring to the General Assembly."

Omeish, of Vienna, came to the U.S. from Tripoli, Libya, as a youngster in 1982. He graduated from Jeb Stuart High School and received his undergraduate degree at Georgetown University, majoring in biology and government. He received his medical degree from Georgetown, as well. He is married to Dr. Badria Kafala and is the father of four children.

"His mother is my friend," said Riaza Ahmed of Vienna. "All our children go to the same school. Dr. Omeish grew up here so he knows what we need."

Beyond health care issues, Omeish said he is committed to continuing the region’s excellence in education, finding sustainable transportation solutions and supporting small business and job creation.

"He’s a very logical person," said Matthew Kavosi, Vienna resident and Omeish supporter. "He’s a very patriotic American who speaks the people’s language. What he says he really means."

Mukit Hossain, president of the Virginian Muslim Political Action Committee, said that, of the more-than 5,000 surgeries Omeish has performed, many of those were done at no charge to the patient. "He [Omeish] serves people in need whether they can afford it or not."

Supervisor John Foust (D-Dranesville), Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova (D-At-large) and the State Sen. George Barker (D-39) stopped by to congratulate Omeish on his candidacy.

"Quite frankly, I’ve found the General Assembly to be somewhat limited by its partisan politics," Omeish said. "I think the Assembly is in need of independent, strong and fresh voices to transcend partisanship."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Omeish Campaign Kick-Off Huge Success!

Dr. Esam Omeish had a full house for his Campaign Kickoff Party at the Vienna Firehouse this past Saturday. The party was the official start of Dr. Esam Omeish's race for Virginia's 35th District Delegate. Over 250 supporters came and listened to Dr. Esam Omeish speak about issues like healthcare, education, and the economy. "This is an exciting time to be engaged in politics" said Dr. Omeish. Speaking about his experience as a Physician and one of the only Surgeons in Va that has a clinic that provides free surgeries to the uninsured and under insured. Dr. Omeish went on to say that "First, I am a physician, an advocate of health care and a staunch supporter of the right of all Americans and all Virginians to have accessible, affordable, quality health care. This year is the year for serious health care reform and I want to be part of that change"

Special political guests who came to congratulate Dr. Esam Omeish included Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Sharon Bulova, State Senator of VA 39th District George Barker, Drainesville District Board of Supervisors John Foust, and Maryland State Delegate Saqib Ali.

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