Saturday, May 29, 2010

Remember Our brave men and women on Memorial Day

As we prepare to begin the Memorial Day weekend, it is important for each of us to pause for a moment and reflect on the meaning for the day. While it can be viewed as the unofficial start of summer and a chance to enjoy a family picnic, we all should recognize Memorial Day is truly a day for remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice to make our Nation free.

Our brave, selfless, and devoted men and women have fought and died to protect the rights and freedoms we all enjoy every day. This is our opportunity to honor them.

As a Americans and a Democrats, we should set an example and educate our children and grandchildren the true meaning of Memorial Day and remind them of the tremendous privileges we Americans enjoy thanks to the valiant service of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen.

As you enjoy the long weekend with friends and family, I ask you to remember the ideals that make our country great and those who have sacrificed to protect those ideals.

Attend one of the many memorial services across the state. Proudly display the Flag. If you see a veteran or person currently serving our Nation in the Armed Forces, tell them "thank you," because we owe a debt to them that can never fully be repaid. And say a prayer for all those currently serving our Nation in harm's way.

Happy Memorial Day and may God continue to bless Virginia and the United States!

Esam Omeish